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Parshat HaShavua Blog Posts

I'm just here to share short divrei torah on the Parsha. I'm not a Rabbi, or Tzaddik or anyone important. Just an average guy thinking about Torah.


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What is Parshat HaShavua?

Parshat HaShavua is a Hebrew term that means "weekly Torah portion." It refers to the section of the Torah that is read and studied in synagogues and in Jewish homes each week, following a schedule that spans the entire year.

The Torah is divided into 54 portions, and each portion corresponds to a particular week in the Jewish calendar. The reading of the weekly portion is an important part of Jewish religious practice, as it provides a framework for the study and understanding of the Torah, which is the central text of Judaism.

The Parsha is read every Shabbat in its entirety, and the first section is read every preceding Monday and Thursday mornings. Over the course of the week, it is customary to review the text of the Parsha, in addition to following along with the Torah reading on Shabbat. Divrei Torah, such as the ones that can be found on this site, are useful ways to enhance your weekly study of the Parsha.

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